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For many health and lifestyle reasons, people make the decision to use contact lenses. From your contact lens assessment to providing aftercare and advice for managing your contact lenses, we ensure that our service is professional and effective every step of the way. 

Close up image of contact lens


Young or old and whatever your visual needs, there is a wide choice of contact lenses available. Below are introductions to a few common type of lens, but during your contact lens appointment we will discuss factors such as your lifestyle, budget and prescription to decide on which type of contact lens will be best for you. 


Often referred to as disposable lenses, this type of lens is available in daily, fortnightly or monthly varieties. 


This type of contact lens is hard and can offer people more comfort than a soft one. They are often used to correct astigmatism or for high prescriptions.


This type of lens is used to correct astigmatism; they are specially designed to fit the shape of the eye.


If you wear multifocal lenses in your spectacles, then did you know you can try multifocal contact lenses too to correct near and far distances?

woman holding a contact lens on her finger


If you’ve decided on using contact lenses, the first thing you need to do is have an eye examination to test your vision and check the health of your eyes. 


With the recent advances in lens technology more and more people are able to use them comfortably and effectively – we source a wide range of lens types, so in the majority of cases, we are able to find lenses that will work for you.


During the assessment, you will be able to discuss anything you’re not sure about and how the various types of contact lenses would suit your eyes and your lifestyle.  

Ask us about our competitive rates for contact lenses and your options of ordering and paying for your lenses, including direct debit. 


Aftercare is a part of our service that we take seriously. We understand that getting your contact lenses is just the beginning for you, so during our aftercare appointments, we ensure that you are still getting the most out of your lenses.


During the appointment, one of our optometrists will reassess your vision and eye health, and check in with you about your level of comfort with your lenses and whether you’ve had any difficulties with your vision or the lenses themselves.


You’ll always be given the opportunity to ask for advice or discuss anything you’re not sure about, including inserting and removing your lenses and how to care and store them properly.  

man wearing a contact lenses
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